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Noam Weiss

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International Birding & Research Center Eilat

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Near the border crossing 'Yitzhak Rabin' to Jordan


The birdwatching center serves hundreds of millions of migratory birds. Here, they preparing themselves for crossing the foodless and hostile Saharan desert. Eilat used to be the last "fueling station" before the desert. With the development of the city, left nothing of this important habitat. Our main work is to renew the food source of the migratory birds in Eilat and conduct research that will constantly monitor the physical condition of the birds. We also give a guided tours.

Opening Hours

The bird's sanctuary is open all day long and every day.
The research station is open for Visitors between 15/8 – 30/11 and 15/2 – 15/5, 06:00 to 10:00 daily.

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